Image Essentials - Oregon's number one onsite Bridal makeover company is proud to offer professional airbrush makeovers available at your location and convenience. I save you time and stress on your special day, bringing all the necessary products and equipment to prepare you for an unforgettable image and lasting impression.

I specialize in the latest trends for the youthful generation or a more conservative makeover for the traditionalists. Using color synergy, professional hair techniques, and the latest technology, you will look your absolute best.

Airbrush Makeup is incomparabe to other forms of makeup for it’s unbeatable finish and flawless coverage. It lasts up to 18 hours without touchup. Once the makeup dries, it will not come off on your clothes. Airbrush makeup always looks natural because it is blown on with air and leaves no lines of demarcation. Airbrush makeup is the best option for your special day.

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